Tuesday, 28 June 2011

26 random things about me :)

Because i'm too bored. i wrote some of this stuff. :)
Basically its all about me.

1. currently addicted to photography , there's so many pictures in my phone. camera ? its already broken , heee ;P

2. really love love love vanilla icecream ! yummy XD

3. i'm trying to lose my weight , haha. but it doesn't works :P

4. loved to sleep in the class , hehe c(:

5. love something that really really cute , it may be things , animals or peoples , hehe. But i think i'm so into the cute peoples. haha :D

6. hate when people says "wtf" , but i like it. haha.

7. i am SO INTO K-POP. i am a K-POPPERS :))

8. planning for Begpacking trip, first stop , Korea ;)

9. loved to say "relaks laa weh" ;D

10. people who didn't know me very well , will say i'm arrogant. eh, i don't think so. maybe my face looks so fierce. haha

11. some of my friends said "you're lazy" and the truth is , yes i am lazy , haha.

12. i'm single. and maybe forever single ? i don't know yet. my heart is closed for any man.

13. i have many friends , bestfriends and closest friends. i love you guys :)

14. aim for Nikon's camera and Apple's laptop , wow ! ;D but atleast polaroid camera is also 
okay. hehe :D

15. hate NUMBERS ! numbers or equation can made me being crazy .. here's the example : 1+1=3 haha ;P

16. addicted to language , chinese , korean and others. 

hey , ni hao ma ? (chinese)

Teyra imnida. (korean) hehe :) 

17. spend about hundreds in one week , haha ^0^

18. "malas" is one of my talent .. i'm so talented .. am i ? hee :D 

19. loittering ! yeahh , thats me. i love it.

20. hangout with friends , thats my favs .. i miss my friends ..

21. i wish 1 subject would only spends 5 minutes only , hehe.

22. in progress to be Donghae (Super Junior) wifey , haha .. *yeahh , i loved daydreaming*

23. love ocean. pretty ocean. someone ! please bring me there. i really want to go there.

24. hate seafood ! it can make my nose feels itchy .. err -________-""

25. i hate pink colour , but there's many pink items in my closet. how can it be. grr ~

26. 1 day i would spends 5 hours on surfing internet xD

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